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About Our Company

What Can We Do For You?

Lighthouse Coffee Company is locally and privately owned and operated and our goal is to continually demonstrate our mission statement “We Enjoy Serving You”. Through Lighthouse Coffee and its exclusive distributors, we are constantly striving to achieve and maintain the highest level of customer satisfaction.

Here are some of the distinctions you can expect of Lighthouse Coffee Company and its distributors.

• We love doing business with people who do business with us! As a local company, our team members, their significant others and family support our customers; additionally, with our customers we work through promotions and outreach to utilize and promote wherever we can the services of our customers. When we have your business, we will work to grow yours!


• Extensive Community involvement. We love being involved in the Community with what is important to our customers!


• Customizing our equipment and product offerings to meet your specific needs.


• Providing uniformed and insured service personnel.


• Complimentary use of coffee brewing equipment.

 Providing an in-line water filter on all brewing equipment to insure the finest quality of water which is essential for coffee and tea taste.


• We provide detailed monthly statements and offer to email them (sustainability).


• Setup and maintain proper stock levels.


• Monthly, Bi-weekly or Weekly service.


• Cleaning of equipment at each service.


• Free installation and delivery service.


• We accept major credit cards.


• The only seven day a week service and support (no answering machine) coffee, tea and water supplier in the Southeast. You do not have to wait for someone to come one to two days later from out of town; our average response time is under 90 minutes.


• We do not bind you to a contract (you are welcome to bind us to one ☺), the only way to keep your business is service!


• Wherever you are, we will go. As you grow, we want to grow with you. Through our various branches and our exclusive distributors (chosen with service in mind), we are able to offer a uniform or mix and match (based on individual location needs) equipment and product offering to suit your needs.

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