Bean to Cup/Grinder Coffee

The most basic yet most satisfying experience begins with quality coffee beans roasted to perfection, then freshly ground and brewed (in the same moment) using the highest quality water available! To facilitate this experience, we offer commercial grinders that in conjunction with our digital pulse brewers, grind and brew several gallons of coffee at a time in minutes. Additionally, we offer a wide variety of bean-to-cup brewers in all shapes and sizes. These bean-to-cup machines can utilizes several different coffees and toppings, producing a wide variety of coffees and specialty drinks one cup at a time. The amazing thing is while this is the finest single cup coffee option available in the world today it is usually less per cup than most pre-packaged single cup capsule coffee products available. With bean-to-cup, you truly have “barista in the box”, working 7 days a week 24 hours a day making 1 fabulous cup at a time, with us providing you all maintenance and support!

Please enjoy this video of our Sego Espresso Machine and see what these Bean-to-Cup machines are capable of!