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100% Arabica Beans

OUR signature coffee

Lighthouse Coffee has a wide variety of gourmet coffees of varying strengths and blends to suit all our customer’s different tastes. Our Lighthouse Coffees are all 100% Arabica bean and are offered in a number of different pack weights, either as open brew or filter packs, as well as whole bean.


Our most popular are:

  • Lighthouse Gourmet Houseblend is our bestseller, offering a robust medium roast blend using the finest South American beans available. This is the one that started it all!

  • Lighthouse Gourmet Dark Roast is a firm, smoky blend of heaven for those who like it dark, strong and full-bodied!

  • Lighthouse Gourmet 100% Colombian is our 100% Columbian coffee that continues to win acclaim and new followers!  Unlike most Columbian blend coffees (sometimes containing as little as 5% Columbian beans) ours uses 100% all Colombian beans!  You will taste the difference.

  • Lighthouse Gourmet Donut Shop is a pleasant, aromatic, wake me up if there ever was one coffee.  It is smooth but not weak!

The Finest Leaves

OUR signature tea

Lighthouse Tea is a premium blend of Orange Pekoe Tea selected from the finest leaves from around the world which are then carefully blended together. When combined with the latest technology in digital and pulse brewing as well as clean filtered water, it is delicious. Depending on the strength and settings desired, Lighthouse Tea is available in a 1oz, 3oz, and 4oz filter pack as well as, for the greatest extraction, a 4oz open brew.

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