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A Cup With Purpose


100% Arabica Beans

OUR signature coffee

Our Coffees

Our coffees are cultivated with the highest environmental standards which results in their fresh, unique flavors. Through partnerships with expert growers around the world, Lighthouse is able to provide you with the highest quality Hand Picked Select arabica coffee beans directly from the source. These farmers are masters of their craft, growing and harvesting premium products in the ideal conditions.

Our Mobile, Alabama, roastery ‘Light On A Hill’ adheres to the highest quality standards and we strive to deliver exceptional service to our customers. It’s through our partnerships with growers, our carefully controlled roasting and packaging, and our unwavering commitment to service that we proudly offer our customers a quality cup with purpose.


Your Impact

Every great cup of coffee has a rich and inspiring story to tell — a story that begins with passionate, hard working farmers all over the world who strive to make a better life for themselves and to build a better future for their children. Between the farm and your cup, coffee can bring economic opportunity and hope to people of all walks of life. From the local washing stations that provide employment for rural communities to the urban mills which process, sort and prepare beans for export, coffee has the potential to positively impact millions of lives.


Our Offerings

Lighthouse Coffee takes great pleasure in satisfying our customers demand for quality coffees. Whether you're serving your employees, guests, or business patrons, Lighthouse has the perfect blend to compliment. Our line of coffees allows you to serve a bevy of options for people of all tastes.

To better assist those buying or serving our coffees, we've defined each of our core offerings by their name- sake, roast profile, cupping notes, countries of origin, and their available formats.


The keeper of light, the guardian of commerce, the lifesaver—the Lightkeeper has an enormously honorable position. Climbing sometimes hundreds of stairs to light the lamp at sunset, to clean and polish the lens and keeping the lantern room windows pristine—keepers also save lives. Only one person in history has earned both a Medal of Honor and the Gold Lifesaving Medal—a lightkeeper. This blend honors those who work tirelessly through the night to be the guiding light of safety for mariners the world over.


Roast Profile: Medium Light Notable for its lighter brown color and oil free beans. The roast has a medium body with a pronounced acidity that retains more of the origin flavors than darker roasted coffees.


Cupping Notes: This medium bodied coffee is delicate and even described as subdued. The aroma is best described as lightly floral with notes of nuttiness. The palate is smooth and gentle with a muted acidity and nearly silky mouthfeel. Cleanrefreshing finish with a slight hint of lemon and cacao.


Countries of Origin: Brazil, Colombia, GuatemalaThis ‘everyday’ blend is sourced from three of the top coffee producing countries in the world. Each renowned for their unique terroir and powerful flavors, they complement each other effortlessly to deliver a smooth, pleasant, and aromatic cup. At Lighthouse—we only use 100% Hand Picked Select (HPS) arabica beans.



Every lighthouse has a unique set of traits to help sailors quickly identify their location. In the night—their unique flashing patterns of light, in the day—their unmistakable color scheme known as their ‘Daymark.’ Named for this attribute, our Daymark blend is the signature of our labors and lies at the core of our business. A robust medium roast coffee that is easily defined but never truly replicated. Perfectly suited to compli- ment any meal and start every day.


Roast Profile: Medium Identified by its medium brown color and beans that are lacking oil on their surface. The roast has a medium body with balanced flavor, aroma, and acidity.


Cupping Notes: This beautiful medium roast blend comprises hints of vanilla and hazelnut and has a soft floral nose. The medium body presents with complex flavors derived from various areas of the palate which include a caramel vanilla sweetness and a well-balanced, round acidity. Cuppers note the silky smooth texture.


Countries of Origin: Guatemala, Honduras
Due to its temperate and tropical climates, Honduras produces coffees which are typically described as mild, robust, and sweet. Using only strictly high grown arabica beans harvested at altitudes surging over 4,400 feet above sea level ensures the beans are of the highest quality. Perfectly suited for blending with beans from their geographical neighbor, Guatemala — known for their brightness and smooth finish.

El Faro

In Colombia, both the Pacific and North Coasts are renowned for their Faros, the Spanish word for lighthouses, that dot the terrain. A nod to our authenticity, our El Faro blend encapsulates the heritage, the terroir, and the people that produce each of our storied blends of coffee. Each drop is a genuine miracle—composing geography, weather, impeccable timing, true feats of human ingenuity, and (most importantly) the will of God.


Roast Profile: Medium Dark Characterized by its richer, darker color with some oil beginning to show on the surface of the beans. The roast has a heavier body in comparison with lighter medium roasts.


Cupping Notes: This full-bodied, medium dark coffee has the pronounced flavor of dark fruits accentuated with crisp notes of caramel. These are further nuanced by smooth chocolate undertones. The fortified blend of flavors also benefits from a bright acidity that flows on the palate from start to finish.


Country of Origin: 100% Colombian

Our 100% washed arabica coffee beans are produced in the narrow coffee growing region of Colombia. Grown at altitudes soaring over 6,500 feet above sea level- the rich beans get their unique flavors from the perfect combination of tropical temperatures, even and consistent rains, and an ideal kiss of sun. To further supplement their depth of flavor—Colombia is world renowned for their consistency, thanks in part to the Colombian Coffee Growers Federation.


Midnight Oil

‘Burning the midnight oil’ is a phrase all too common in our society. Whether it’s working late through the night to ‘get the job done,’ or simply working relentlessly towards one’s goals—sometimes there’s just no other way. Our Midnight Oil blend represents the lifeblood of our business—the strength and the will to push forward and achieve. Pour a cup and we believe you’ll taste and understand just how hard Lighthouse works for our customers.


Roast Profile: Dark Recognizable by its dark brown, almost black color, the beans have a sheen of oil on the surface which is also evident when the coffee is brewed. The roast has a strong body and smoky flavor.


Cupping Notes: This dark roasted coffee has a strong full body with hints of smoke and dark chocolate. The smooth flavor is nicely accentuated by deep caramel notes and has a rich tobacco aroma and an evenly balanced acidity. The complex flavor leads and finishes with considerable prominence.


Countries of Origin: Colombia, Guatemala These world-renowned growing regions are known to produce bold distinctive flavored coffees. Combining washed arabica beans grown high in the Andes mountains of Colombia and Hand Picked Select (HPS) arabica beans from Guatemala — these two powerhouses combine to create an out-of-this-world blend. 

First Light

First Light signals the heralding of a new day, a day with bright opportunity and unbounding possibility. Aptly named, our First Light Decaf coffee blend has a vibrant taste that's suitable for those that are caffeine free, or simply caffeine conscious. A perfect compliment to an evening meal or an early rise, First Light by Lighthouse Coffee is sure to brighten your day.


Roast Profile: Medium Identified by its medium brown color and beans that are lacking oil on their surface. The roast has a medium body with balanced flavor, aroma, and acidity.


Cupping Notes: This rich, medium-bodied coffee expresses subtle fruit flavor that balances nicely with bold earthy flavors. The finish is clean with a modest acidity note and a smooth, sweet caramel aftertaste.


Countries of Origin: Central America
Our naturally decaffeinated water-processed coffee blend is carefully sourced in Central America. The region is known the world over for bold, distinct flavored coffees with a clean finish. The water process is all-natural and maintains a high level of flavor without the caffeine.



Lighthouse Premium Flavored Coffees are made with high quality flavors and the finest hand selected coffee beans. As with all of our coffees our flavored line was developed, and is exclusively roasted, by Light On A Hill Roasters.

Our premium flavored coffees are all Medium Roast with a rich body and bold flavor.

French Vanilla

Our French Vanilla Premium Flavored Coffee is delicious, so if you’re looking for a way to enhance your coffee drinking ritual, then look no further! Our aromatic blend is rich in sweet vanilla flavor and simulates the experience of having fresh vanilla pods steeped right in your cup. Give yourself something to look forward to each day with this rich and full-bodied coffee.

Cinnamon Bun

Our Cinnamon Bun Premium Flavored Coffee combines the indulgent taste and irresistible aroma of fresh baked cinnamon buns with finest coffee beans into one cup of delicious perfection! We start with a smooth medium roast brew and swirl in the decadent flavors of cinnamon, brown sugar, and (of course) vanilla frosting. Take a sip and delight in the taste of hot-out-of-the-oven cinnamon buns.


Southern Pecan

Our Southern Pecan Premium Flavored Coffee has the nutty flavor of slow roasted-to perfection Southern pecans and smooth vanilla for a taste of what the Southeast is known for. A traditional warm greeting from the South, freshly roasted pecans infuse perfectly into our hand selected coffees to create an extraordinary flavored coffee that you’ll want to share.

The Finest Leaves

OUR signature tea

Lighthouse Tea is a premium blend of Orange Pekoe Tea selected from the finest leaves from around the world which are then carefully blended together. When combined with the latest technology in digital and pulse brewing as well as clean filtered water, it is delicious. Depending on the strength and settings desired, Lighthouse Tea is available in a 1oz, 3oz, and 4oz filter pack as well as, for the greatest extraction, a 4oz open brew.

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