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El Faro — 100% Colombian
  • El Faro — 100% Colombian

    In Colombia, both the Pacific and North Coasts are renowned for their Faros, the Spanish word for lighthouses, that dot the terrain. A nod to our authenticity, our El Faro blend encapsulates the heritage, the terroir, and the people that produce each of our storied blends of coffee. Each drop is a genuine miracle—composing geography, weather, impeccable timing, true feats of human ingenuity, and (most importantly) the will of God.


    Roast Profile: Medium Dark Characterized by its richer, darker color with some oil beginning to show on the surface of the beans. The roast has a heavier body in comparison with lighter medium roasts.


    Cupping Notes: This full-bodied, medium dark coffee has the pronounced flavor of dark fruits accentuated with crisp notes of caramel. These are further nuanced by smooth chocolate undertones. The fortified blend of flavors also benefits from a bright acidity that flows on the palate from start to finish.


    Country of Origin: 100% Colombian
    Our 100% washed arabica coffee beans are produced in the narrow coffee growing region of Colombia. Grown at altitudes soaring over 6,500 feet above sea level- the rich beans get their unique flavors from the perfect combination of tropical temperatures, even and consistent rains, and an ideal kiss of sun. To further supplement their depth of flavor—Colombia is world renowned for their consistency, thanks in part to the Colombian Coffee Growers Federation.


    Available Formats: Ground, Whole Bean

    • Roast / Body / Brightness

      Roast: 4 
      Body: 5 
      Brightness: 2

    • Size

      1.5 lb. bag Whole Bean

      32 / 2.0 oz. bags per case of Ground

    PriceFrom $21.00

    Free Shipping Over $100

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