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First Light Decaf — Lighthouse Gourmet
  • First Light Decaf — Lighthouse Gourmet

    First Light signals the heralding of a new day, a day with bright opportunity and unbounding possibility. Aptly named, our First Light Decaf coffee blend has a vibrant taste that's suitable for those that are caffeine free, or simply caffeine conscious. A perfect compliment to an evening meal or an early rise, First Light by Lighthouse Coffee is sure to brighten your day.


    Roast Profile: Medium Identified by its medium brown color and beans that are lacking oil on their surface. The roast has a medium body with balanced flavor, aroma, and acidity.


    Cupping Notes: This rich, medium-bodied coffee expresses subtle fruit flavor that balances nicely with bold earthy flavors. The finish is clean with a modest acidity note and a smooth, sweet caramel aftertaste.


    Countries of Origin: Central America
    Our naturally decaffeinated water-processed coffee blend is carefully sourced in Central America. The region is known the world over for bold, distinct flavored coffees with a clean finish. The water process is all-natural and maintains a high level of flavor without the caffeine.


    Available Formats: Ground, Whole Bean

    • Size

      Whole Bean: 1 lb bag, different from our typical 1.5

      Ground: 32 / 2.0 oz. bags per case

    PriceFrom $18.00

    Free Shipping Over $100

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