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Daymark —  House Blend
  • Daymark — House Blend

    Every lighthouse has a unique set of traits to help sailors quickly identify their location. In the night—their unique flashing patterns of light, in the day—their unmistakable color scheme known as their ‘Daymark.’ Named for this attribute, our Daymark blend is the signature of our labors and lies at the core of our business. A robust medium roast coffee that is easily defined but never truly replicated. Perfectly suited to compli- ment any meal and start every day.


    Roast Profile: Medium Identified by its medium brown color and beans that are lacking oil on their surface. The roast has a medium body with balanced flavor, aroma, and acidity.


    Cupping Notes: This beautiful medium roast blend comprises hints of vanilla and hazelnut and has a soft floral nose. The medium body presents with complex flavors derived from various areas of the palate which include a caramel vanilla sweetness and a well-balanced, round acidity. Cuppers note the silky smooth texture.


    Countries of Origin: Guatemala, Honduras
    Due to its temperate and tropical climates, Honduras produces coffees which are typically described as mild, robust, and sweet. Using only strictly high grown arabica beans harvested at altitudes surging over 4,400 feet above sea level ensures the beans are of the highest quality. Perfectly suited for blending with beans from their geographical neighbor, Guatemala — known for their brightness and smooth finish.


    Available Formats: Ground, Whole Bean

    • Size

      Whole Bean: 1.5lb bag

      Ground: 32 / 2.0 oz. bags per case or 26 / 2.5 oz. bags per case

    PriceFrom $20.00

    Free Shipping Over $100

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