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Lightkeeper — Donut Shop
  • Lightkeeper — Donut Shop

    The keeper of light, the guardian of commerce, the lifesaver—the Lightkeeper has an enormously honorable position. Climbing sometimes hundreds of stairs to light the lamp at sunset, to clean and polish the lens and keeping the lantern room windows pristine—keepers also save lives. Only one person in history has earned both a Medal of Honor and the Gold Lifesaving Medal—a lightkeeper. This blend honors those who work tirelessly through the night to be the guiding light of safety for mariners the world over.


    Roast Profile: Medium Light Notable for its lighter brown color and oil free beans. The roast has a medium body with a pronounced acidity that retains more of the origin flavors than darker roasted coffees.


    Cupping Notes: This medium bodied coffee is delicate and even described as subdued. The aroma is best described as lightly floral with notes of nuttiness. The palate is smooth and gentle with a muted acidity and nearly silky mouthfeel. Cleanrefreshing finish with a slight hint of lemon and cacao.


    Countries of Origin: Brazil, Colombia, GuatemalaThis ‘everyday’ blend is sourced from three of the top coffee producing countries in the world. Each renowned for their unique terroir and powerful flavors, they complement each other effortlessly to deliver a smooth, pleasant, and aromatic cup. At Lighthouse—we only use 100% Hand Picked Select (HPS) arabica beans.


    Available Formats: Ground, Whole Bean

    • Size

      Whole Bean: 1.5lb bag

      Ground: 32 / 2.0 oz. bags per case

    PriceFrom $20.00

    Free Shipping Over $100

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