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Midnight Oil — Dark Roast
  • Midnight Oil — Dark Roast

    ‘Burning the midnight oil’ is a phrase all too common in our society. Whether it’s working late through the night to ‘get the job done,’ or simply working relentlessly towards one’s goals—sometimes there’s just no other way. Our Midnight Oil blend represents the lifeblood of our business—the strength and the will to push forward and achieve. Pour a cup and we believe you’ll taste and understand just how hard Lighthouse works for our customers.


    Roast Profile: Dark Recognizable by its dark brown, almost black color, the beans have a sheen of oil on the surface which is also evident when the coffee is brewed. The roast has a strong body and smoky flavor.


    Cupping Notes: This dark roasted coffee has a strong full body with hints of smoke and dark chocolate. The smooth flavor is nicely accentuated by deep caramel notes and has a rich tobacco aroma and an evenly balanced acidity. The complex flavor leads and finishes with considerable prominence.


    Countries of Origin: Colombia, Guatemala These world-renowned growing regions are known to produce bold distinctive flavored coffees. Combining washed arabica beans grown high in the Andes mountains of Colombia and Hand Picked Select (HPS) arabica beans from Guatemala — these two powerhouses combine to create an out-of-this-world blend. 


    Available Formats: Ground, Whole Bean

    • Size

      Whole Bean: 1.5lb bag

      Ground: 26 / 2.5 oz. bags per case

    PriceFrom $21.00

    Free Shipping Over $100

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